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North Pole Inc - Santa Clause

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December 23, 2021

Welcome back to our third instalment of our small business spotlight series. As it is Christmas week we thought we would bring you a special Christmas edition. This week we are joined by a very special entrepreneur from the North who started his business many decades ago and now oversees one of the most significant festive brands of all time. Santa Claus or St. Nicholas as he is sometimes known as started his business some time during the fourth century AD and has been bringing joy and happiness to children all around the world ever since. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what Santa had to say about his business ‘North Pole Inc’…

Your Name:

Santa Clause (St. Nicholas)

Your Business Name:

North Pole Inc


Social Media Links:

Instagram: @NorthPoleInc

Facebook: @NorthPoleInc

Twitter: @NorthPoleInc

Brief Introduction To Your Business:

Here at North Pole Inc, we make toys, ready to deliver to all of the children who have made it on to the nice list this year. December is our busiest time of year. We offer international shipping to all of our customers which means that no matter the time zone myself and our team of elves remain busy throughout the festive period.

Promote Your Products/ Services:

We make toys for all of the children who have made it to my nice list this year. My elves help me out with this so they are ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve. A quick message to the children of the world if you write me a letter with some of the toys you want this year and my elves and I will ensure that they get made and ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve.

What Inspired You To Start Your Own Business?

I noticed that there was a gap in the market for this kind of thing, I had never seen a toy workshop done beforehand and I thought it would be a great idea to pursue this. Not only that, but I think this idea also encourages children to be on their best behaviour throughout the year.

What Makes Your Business Standout From Other Similar Businesses?

What makes us standout is our incredible work ethic. We work hard throughout the year to try and make sure that children and their families have the best Christmas ever….of course a we have found that a little bit of magic goes a long way in helping us stand out from our competitors as well.

What Has Been Your Biggest Success To Date?

Our biggest success to date has to be being able to create billions of toys throughout the year to distribute to children on Christmas Eve. It is of course hard to name just one success as well, we are pretty proud of launching our new head office in the North Pole, it was a risky venture given the polar bears but we weighed up the risk/reward and we are happy to say it’s paid off.

What Is Your Advice For Someone Who Wants To Start Their Own Business?

My advice would be, just to do it, try not to worry about what others think. If you never start, then you will never know how much of a success it could be. I never thought North Pole Inc could be as huge of a success as it has been.

What Is It That Keeps Your Customers Coming Back?

I think it is our loyalty to produce and create billions of toys every year and ensure that every child gets what they ask for. It does help that for many of our customers they don’t need to come back, we will come to them, with a little bit of magic we ensure that our customers get the very best service in a hassle free way.

What Are Your Plans For The Future Of Your Business?

Our business gets bigger and bigger every year. We want to be able to create more toys, so children have more to open and more surprises on Christmas Day. Over the past few decades we have really had to turn our business up a notch, new competitors to the market such as Bezos and his pesky team of Amazon elves have really upped the pressure on us here at North Pole Inc. We aim to stay one step ahead of the game by ensuring the very best toys reach children all over the world without having to pay for ‘free delivery!’.

What Is The Biggest Risk You Have Ever Taken For Your Business?

I think our biggest risk is starting the business in the first place as we did not realise how popular it would turn out to be.

Tell Us Something Interesting/ Fun About Your Business?

I have 9 reindeer who help on Christmas Eve, they help to steer my sleigh. Only one of them has a bright red nose, he’s called Rudolph and his bright red nose helps to guide us throughout the night.

What Is The Most Popular Product/ Service You Sell?

I think the most popular product that we make every year that a lot if children ask for are bikes. We create millions of these every year for children to enjoy all year round with their friends.

What Product/ Service Would You Recommend To First Time Customers?

When people are getting gifts from us for the first time it is because it is their child’s first Christmas so I would recommend a little senses soft book, so they can explore a range of different textures to stimulate their young minds.

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