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Lumos Digital Marketing are a specialist digital marketing and website design agency based in Manchester in the United Kingdom. We were created with the sole purpose of providing value to small and medium sized businesses within the UK through dedicated and bespoke digital marketing plans. We work alongside our customers to help them use digital platforms to reach new heights and engage with their customers in new and exciting ways.

A Little More About Lumos Digital…..

Lumos is a digital marketing agency based in Greater Manchester and was set up with one purpose; to help businesses from anywhere get noticed online. We do this by getting to know our customers and using that relationship to help push their brand online and really connect with their customers. We have an extensive background in delivering digital marketing services for a range of large businesses around Manchester. We started Lumos so we can share that magic with our clients all over the world. 

Who is Lumos Digital Marketing? 

Lumos was started to provide digital marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the Stockport and Greater Manchester area. We operate on a customer first basis and go above and beyond to provide the best possible service. We believe in applying the best and most effective digital marketing solutions for your businesses whilst not compromising and our strong background of ethical marketing solutions. Marketing often gets a bad name for being manipulative and misleading, we like to create positivity with our work and use marketing to connect you with your customers in a meaningful way. 

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