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There is a saying in marketing that ‘content is king’ and this is something we take to heart when working for clients. Many of our competitors will pad your site out with keyword heavy copy that doesn’t actually have any relevance to your brand message or what you are trying to achieve. Sure this will help you rank on Google in the short term but it offers little to no value to your customers. We like to really get to know your business and what you stand for. In doing this we use our understanding of your business to help create engaging and exciting content rich in keywords that adds value to both your customers and to your search engine results. 

At Lumos we believe in striking the balance between website design and long-form copy. It is no secret that the more copy and keywords you add to your website the better you will rank but we understand that this can also have an impact on your websites design. For this reason we try to strike the balance between good strong copy and your websites design. We do this by creating high quality copy of decent length whilst not diminishing your brand voice or image. 

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