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There is a saying in marketing that ‘content is king’ and this is something we take to heart when working for clients. Many of our competitors will pad your site out with keyword heavy copy that doesn’t actually have any relevance to your brand message or what you are trying to achieve. Sure this will help you rank on Google in the short term but it offers little to no value to your customers. We like to really get to know your business and what you stand for. In doing this we use our understanding of your business to help create engaging and exciting content rich in keywords that adds value to both your customers and to your search engine results. 

At Lumos we believe in striking the balance between website design and long-form copy. It is no secret that the more copy and keywords you add to your website the better you will rank but we understand that this can also have an impact on your websites design. For this reason we try to strike the balance between good strong copy and your websites design. We do this by creating high quality copy of decent length whilst not diminishing your brand voice or image. 

How Can Manchester Copywriting Services Help You?

How can Lumos help with copywriting?

A lot of people do not realise it, but copywriting skills are incredibly important for businesses. When it comes to copywriting it is important to know the audience that you are writing for so you can accommodate and relate to them.

Here at Lumos, we will create copy that will generate great results for your business. We will write to the tone of your business and help you to interest and intrigue potential customers, so they go on to purchase a product or service from you. We know how to write engaging copy and write a great call to action to persuade customers to click on your products, follow your social media pages, sign up to your newsletters, whatever it is that you want from your customers. Allowing us to help you with your copywriting means that we can help you with your brand voice. We will look at the choice of language that you like to use, for example, your choice of language can be fun and playful, or professional with a hint of playfulness, or just strictly professional. How you want your brand to come across is completely up to you and Lumos can help you with this.

Having great copywriting means that you can showcase the uniqueness of your brand. We will help to express the personality of your brand, one that your target audience will find relatable and want to engage with. At Lumos, we will promote your business’s strengths, showcase what it is that makes your business special and stand out from the competition and make your brand memorable and unique to potential customers. This is what great copywriting is all about.

Did you know that great copywriting can boost your search engine rankings? At Lumos we write with SEO in mind, this is incredibly important. As we have SEO expertise, we know how to help your business improve its search engine rankings. We can find the keywords that are best to use within a copywriting piece to boost your website in search engine rankings and increase your website traffic.

We know how to write appropriately for several different channels. This means, for example, each social media platform has a different tone of voice, and you will need to write accordingly to suit this channel, for example, Twitter is a laid-back channel you do not have to worry about sounding too professional when tweeting. However, LinkedIn is a professional platform and when creating posts on here, you will need to adopt a more professional tone of voice which we at Lumos can provide for you. Changing your tone of voice for different platforms gives you more chances of connecting with more of your targeted audience.

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