Autumn and Christmas Business Spotlight

Christmas Business Spotlight

Written by Jordan

Jordan is a digital marketing executive here at Lumos. You'll often find her writing about social media marketing, digital PR, and marketing training and development.

September 12, 2022

Our Christmas business spotlight is here. Christmas is right around the corner and at Lumos we work with some brilliant and exciting businesses who sell products that make ideal stocking fillers and Christmas presents. We wanted to highlight some of these businesses and their products below. 

Martha Brook

This personalised book journal is ideal for book lovers. Martha Brook has a brand new personalised reading journal that is available from the 19th of September for a limited time only. You can personalise the journal with the initials of the recipient and choose between two colours including blush pink and navy, and lilac grey and burgundy. Avid readers love to see and record their reading progress throughout the year. This reading journal was made for book lovers by book lovers and will look great on any bookshelf. In addition to their book journal Martha Brook also offer personalised notebooks if you are looking for one of their lovely books for more general use. 

Martha Brook Business Spotlight

MW Studio

A compact mirror makes a great stocking filler. Personalised compact mirrors are handy gifts to receive, everyone needs a mirror when they are out and about completing their daily tasks just to check that their make-up hasn’t smudged or that they have no food in their teeth. You can personalise these compact mirrors by adding the recipient’s name onto the front of the mirror. If you would like you can add a personal message to the back of the mirror to wish the recipient a very happy Christmas. 

MW Studio Business Spotlight

A Few Home Truths

Have you got an obsessed dog owner in your life? A Few Home Truths babygrow for dogs is the ideal gift for that person in your life who is obsessed with their dog. The babygrow comes with a graphic of the dog breed and you can further personalise it by adding the dog’s name followed by “favourite hooman”. If you would like you can further personalise the baby grow by submitting a photo of the recipient’s dog and the people at A Few Home Truths can do a custom illustration for you. 

A Few Home Truths Business Spotlight

Chambers and Beau

This lightning bolt necklace by Chambers and Beau is the ideal gift for jewellery lovers. This necklace is the perfect everyday accessory and looks great when layered with other necklaces. This necklace comes in two finishes, a silver and gold plate. This necklace is a beautiful, eye-catching piece of jewellery that will make the recipient smile. You can personalise this necklace further by adding a mini charm to the chain. You can personalise the necklace by adding some text to the bolt. 

Chambers and Beau Business Spotlight

Spice Kitchen

Have you got an avid food lover in your life? Spice Kitchen’s Indian spice box is the perfect gift for them. This box includes nine different spices, all the spices you need to make an authentic Indian curry. The spices include garam masala, chilli powder, cumin seeds, ground coriander, turmeric powder, mustard seeds, cassia, cardamom, and cloves. This spice box includes many features and benefits, some of these features and benefits are that the Indian spice box includes the fact that the blends are freshly made in small batches and then sealed for optimum freshness and flavour, the box includes seven removable smaller tins for convenience and a small metal spoon for accurate dispensing. This gift is ideal for those who love to spend time in the kitchen making their favourite dishes. 

Spice Kitchen Business Spotlight

Mimi and Bee

Do you know someone who loves to sew and who loves collecting new fabrics? Mimi and Bee has this beautiful red snowflake fabric, perfect for Christmas time. The colours within this fabric are warm and inviting, perfect for nights in with hot chocolate in front of the fire on a cold winter’s night. This piece of fabric also glows in the dark, what could be better than that? 

Mimi and Bee Business Spotlight

These are our six businesses that we work with that we want to highlight this Christmas. They are all great businesses that sell items perfect for everyone at this wonderful time of year.

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