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May 3, 2022

Social Media Updates

Elon Musk Becomes New Board Member For Twitter

Elon Musk has taken a 9.2% share in Twitter which means he has become Twitter’s biggest shareholder. Elon Musk has recently become one of the biggest personalities on Twitter. At the minute it is not clear what Musk is planning to do with his stake.

Snapchat Adds New ASL Alphabet Lens to Improve Awareness Around Sign Language

This is a fantastic move from Snapchat. Their new lens can recognise ASL gestures and translate them in the app. The new lens teaches users how to fingerspell through various games and exercises from within the app. This new lens was built using Snapchats evolving hand tracking technology, which provides more capacity for communication. This is a fantastic way to spread awareness and inclusion for impaired users.

Instagram Updates Algorithm To Put More Focus on Original Content

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram will be making an update to the way it ranks content, as they want to put more focus on original work. He has emphasised that content that is edited outside of Instagram, then uploaded to Instagram will not be penalised. He has stated that if you are an account that posts content created by other creators, their reach will likely decline. It is now time to think up original content ideas to post to your Instagram!!

Instagram Launches Live Test of Pinned Posts on User Profiles

Having this option gives users more creative control of their profiles. Some users are now able to pin posts on their profiles (like what TikTok recently introduced). This means that you can pin the posts you like the most to the top of your profile. This update can provide more creative capacity and control which could be a major benefit for Instagram marketers.

Digital Marketing News

Google Adds New Visual and Text Search Options To Enhance Product Discovery

Google is looking to provide more ways to enhance its visual search queries, with a new ‘multi-search’ option. This will enable users to combine visual and text parameters to expand their search results. Users will be able to add additional parameters to visual search queries, to further refine their results and have more specific results for what they are searching.

That was our April monthly round-up. What piece of news surprised you the most? To read more posts about marketing news, digital marketing, social media marketing, and more click here.

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