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Lumos Digital Marketing was launched around a strong educational background in digital marketing stemming from it’s founders MSc in Digital Marketing. Following on from this our team have given guest lectures at the university of Salford around marketing and developing brands online. In addition to this you can check out our news section which is updated regularly with tips and advice on digital marketing as well as commentary on the latest industry trends. 

We offer training and development in digital marketing for you and your teams. If you want some one on one seminars on how you can develop your own digital marketing skills or if you are looking to book a talk for your team on the importance of digital marketing then we have the knowledge and skills to help with that. We create tailored training plans for you and your team to help you develop your knowledge so you no longer need to rely on external help to push, maintain and develop your digital marketing campaigns. 

How Can Manchester Digital Marketing Training Services Help You?

Why should you do digital marketing training?

Digital marketing is becoming more important for businesses to be able to grow and expand. There are a number of reasons as to why you may need to do some digital marketing training. Some of these reasons are:

The growth rates of digital markets are increasing. Businesses are now depending on digital marketing, thus meaning digital marketing jobs are on the rise. Digital marketing skills are extremely sought after and are excellent skills to have, digital marketing has been ranked number 8 out of 10 highest in-demand skills. Digital marketing gives you a wide range of career opportunities, find an aspect of digital marketing that you are interested in and run with it. You might be interested in everything so to become a digital marketer you can go on to have a career in areas such as social media marketing, PPC expert, content creator, copywriter, the list is endless. Digital marketing is a field with an endless list of opportunities, there are so many paths you can take with it which can be rare. There is currently a gap in the market for digital marketers. Digital marketing skills are more in demand than ever.

Having digital marketing training means that you will find it easier to drive traffic to your website. You will learn all about SEO and how to complete keyword research to ensure your website reaches the top of Google search rankings which is extremely beneficial to you and your business. Learning digital marketing and completing the training makes this process a lot easier.

If you complete digital marketing training, you can stay ahead of your competitors. Learning about digital marketing enables you to keep up with the current market trends so you can build your website and update your website to conform to the current market trends. This will help you to generate more leads. Keeping up to date on trends helps to keep you ahead of competitors.

Completing digital marketing training will teach you the ins and outs of the industry, it will teach you everything you need to know to enable you to have a successful career in digital marketing. Not only this if you take an online digital marketing course you will receive a certificate which looks great on your CV. Even if you already have qualifications in digital marketing, completing online courses helps to keep you up to date with the industry and refreshes your mind, and teaches you new things, in this industry it is always a clever idea to continually try to up-skill yourself. As the digital marketing industry is constantly changing, expanding, and growing, there is a constant need to up-skill yourself even if you already have a career in digital marketing, otherwise, your skills may eventually become outdated.

With us, at Lumos, we offer training and development in digital marketing. This is perfect for you and your team to enhance your digital marketing skills and knowledge further.

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